Rene Bizimana

Rene Twizeye Mungu Bizimana is a dancer and choreographer from Amsterdam. He graduated from the Amsterdam University of the Arts, SNDO (School of New Dance Development) with a Bachelor’s degree in Choreography and from Windesheim University of Applied Sciences with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Languages.

He is passionate about exploring the intersection of memories and community building through movement. Born and raised in Rwanda, his youth was filled with music and dance. These early experiences instilled in him a deep appreciation for the power of art to bring people together and create a sense of unity.

Through his dance, he aims to share and tell stories through movement, hoping that these stories will serve as bridges to promote positive change in all directions. It reflects the many aspects of Africa’s diverse history and countless intertwined cultures.

As a dancer, he is determined to push the boundaries of his art form and use his body to create something truly meaningful.