Music and dance have always played a significant role in Kelly’s life, stemming from her Burundian background and the cultures she immerses herself in. In 2013, she obtained her degree in pedagogy, and since then, her journey in dance has taken her to various places and cultures.

Kelly’s journey began at the Creative College, where she was part of the crew Xgen. During her studies, she delved into various dance styles and cultures, and after graduation, she immersed herself even further: Kelly traveled to New York and moved to Sweden, where she pursued a dance education at the Asa F√∂lkhogskola.

In the meantime, she won national and international battles. The styles of hip-hop and house have served as a compass for Kelly; they have given her direction and guided her through life. For her, dance and personal development are inseparable.

In the Dutch dance scene, Kelly has built a career as a freestyle dancer with international recognition. She is actively involved in performing, teaching, and organizing battles, performances, and classes.

“It is my mission to communicate from authenticity and create space for others who also seek this.”