karel lopez

Initially, a self-taught hip-hop dancer. Later trained by various institutions, Karel López became a professional in HipHop dance in 2019 with the Flow Dance Academy in Paris and established his own Freestyle identity through various French HipHop teachers/artists.

He appeared in multiple music videos and events such as the Coca-Cola Music Experience 2018 in Madrid, and has been teaching Hip-Hop since 2018. His dedication and efforts have led him to work abroad with figures in Hip-Hop dance such as Physs Mouvmatiik (a pioneering dancer in Paris) for Fusion Concept 2022 and Guy Assou (French Hip-Hop dancer and director of the Flies company in Paris). Over the years, he has specialized in the Freestyle Hip-Hop and House Dance scenes, participating in battles in Spain and abroad, and being a part of the Flies dance company.

A versatile dancer, his hallmark is his specialization in Hip-Hop. The key words in his dance vision are “character,” “truth,” and “musicality.” His years of experience learning abroad have led him to see the differences between Spain and other countries in the European Union regarding the Freestyle scene, which motivates him to organize he’s own event THE PRACTICE.