Due to the extended holiday break from December 24, 2023 to January 7, 2024, Foundation is implementing temporary changes to our membership structure:


Starting Sunday, December 3, all scheduled membership auto-payments will be turned off. Monthly memberships will not be available for purchase online.

In place of regular monthly plans, we will be offering a prorated package.



If your current membership expires after December 2 and you want to extend your membership for the remainder of the month, prorated packages will be available!

Here’s how the offer works:

Your “MONTH 2x per week” (€50) membership expires December 6. There are 3 weeks left before the center closes. You can purchase a “MONTH 2x per week” prorate package that is valid for 3 weeks for €37.50.

This offer is only available for students with current memberships. We are unable to accommodate customized start and end dates outside of the above structure plan. There are no exceptions.

Prorate packages are available in-person at Foundation.

Please come to class early so you have ample time to purchase your package.

Any unused credits from monthly memberships and prorate packages cannot be extended into the new year. All students must use their class credits by Saturday, December 23.


Single lessons and class cards are available for purchase online. Students with class cards (including JCF and Stadspas) are responsible for using their class credits before the card’s expiration date.

We cannot extend the expiration date to accommodate holiday breaks.

Regular membership plans will resume starting January 8, 2024.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at frontdesk@foundation.nl.