Nedda Sou

Nedda Sou’s love for dance and music began at a young age. During her teenage years, like any teenager, she was searching for her own identity and felt strongly drawn to hip-hop culture. The fusion of music, dance, and culture deeply resonated with her core.

Nedda took on the challenge of developing herself as a self-taught dancer and traveled the world to broaden her knowledge. Soon after, she danced full-time and honed her skills in various club and street dance styles, which are now part of her expertise.

Nedda performed in various commercial shows and theater productions for companies such as Footlocker, Nike, TMF, and MTV but found her calling in theater. In addition to creating and sharing performances, she also felt the need to share her passion and knowledge as a teacher and pursued didactic and anatomical courses.

Nedda is interested in helping young people who are searching for their authenticity within dance. She believes that people can function better through positive stimulation and discipline.

“We all have the ability to move. For the development of urban dancers, it is essential to gain knowledge about the cultural context of the style(s) and your own background. My mission is to create awareness among students about this and to help them apply their artistic qualities in their dance language.”